Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Champagne anyone?

Today is considered my "Champagne birthday", meaning today I turn 27 on the 27th of May.

I haven't settled on how I really feel about this birthday. Turning 20 was very significant for me because having a brother that is 12 years older wasn't the norm growing up. When friends or classmates would ask me how old my brother was and I would say, "he's twenty--something (*insert appropriate value here*). Guaranteed, the person listening would say, "wow, that's old!".

Turning 25 was significant as I became "quarter of a century" in age. For some reason, 27 seems to be hitting me a little hard. I don't know why it feels so much more older than 26. Maybe because I'm creeping closer to the big 3-0 and can no longer "round down" my age in my head.

I've accomplished many things in the past year, so it's not as if I come to you with regrets or filled with burdens. I'm just being all thoughtful and reflective (must be a sign of my age).

Something new I learned today is that my birthday is shared with the infamous Ted Rogers. I also learned that the very awesome Jamie Oliver shares my birthday!! I think if given the option to meet either, I'd pick the latter...

That's all for now.