Friday, July 25, 2008

Bridal party

Bridal party
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I haven't updated in a while, but I've also been on vacation. It was wonderful to visit The Rock.

Although only a short visit, this was probably the most relaxing visit for Matt and I (comparing the last three summers and Christmas holidays).

Stacey and Steve had a wonderful wedding and I was honoured to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Urban gardening

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Who says you can't have a garden while living in Toronto?

Matt decided to plant a garden this year. Our building's landlords are pretty good about this sort of stuff and since it isn't located at the front of the building, it's somewhat hidden away... allowing us to have a garden that's somewhat in the open (to help avoid people tampering with it), but out of the way enough to not draw too much attention.

We have some small carrots growing, a type of peas (yummy!), two different tomato varieties, some basil, thyme and other yummy things.

This photo was taken at the end of June and already the garden has grown. I'll upload current photos soon. Before you know it, we'll have tomatoes!

If you visit my Flickr page, you'll see some macro photos from the garden as well. :)


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two aspects of July 1

First I would like to wish everyone a happy Canada Day.

Yes, it is technically July 2nd and I'm therefore a day behind... but let us not get too picky.

Canada Day is when us Canadians celebrate the birth of our country and express our joy of being a part of this vast and diverse country. I'm very proud to be a Canadian and am happy to tell people where I'm from when travelling. I take pride in my love of hockey, things that are maple favoured, and the addition of the letter "u" to certain words like, colour, favour and harbour.

But July 1 is also known as Memorial Day in Newfoundland and Labrador. It marks the anniversary of the tragic loss of life experienced by the Newfoundland Regiment during the first day on the Somme at the Battle of Beaumont Hamel.

So not to put a total downer on this happy national holiday, but it is/was also a day of remembrance, honour and respect.

Once uploaded to my Flickr account, I'll send over a photo from tonight's fireworks at Ontario Place.

And it's back to work after a four-day weekend... tomorrow's going to be tough.