Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An inevitable situation

May 4, 2001 2:02 a.m.
That was my first debut into the blogging world.

Since then, many things have happened. My first blog emerged while I was finishing off a second year in university. My heart had been broken early in the fall semester and I was still feeling the sting of naive young "love" (or so I thought).

Some friends had mentioned that they had online diaries in which they wrote and others read; an equilibrium relationship. I thought it was odd, but one day noticed the link for a friend's diary in her ICQ (remember that old chat program?) profile. I didn't know what to think at first. It seemed interesting because I actually knew the person. But soon I discovered friends of that author (people I had never met) who also had their one place on the Internet. Eventually, through reading, I began to feel as though I was getting to know these people on a personal, but anonymous level.

I'm not surprised that my first online entry occurred on a Thursday night at 2:02 a.m. I was probably working on an assignment... that was due the next day. It being late and I getting distracted, decided on a whim to take the plunge and start a blog (we all called our blogs "diaries" since the hosting site was called diaryland.com at the time). After signing up and creating my layout, no doubt I had to publish something!

Yes, through my first online journal, I made numerous friends and eventually lost touch with many as well. My main readership consisted of people I saw on almost a daily basis. Odd I know, but sometimes it's just easier for people to open up to their closest friends if you can avoid communicating in person and if you have the option to ignore a comment.

I have continued to blog since that faithful day in May. I'm not someone who posts everyday, and I've been known to take an unannounced break now and then; life does get busy you know! I have another blog that is used to communicate with friends from all over the world: friends within my close circle from out east, new friends I've made through various happenings, and friends I have online that only know me through blogging and online communication. I have some special friends whom I've never met in person, but we communicate regularly.

This is not a "flog blog", it is simply me claiming my piece of territory in this huge community we call the global online community, the World Wide Web, or simply- The Internet.

Why am I here? Well why not? There is an obvious presence of the "me" generation online. Why are we all here; posting for all to see. Does each of us have something important and profound to share with the world? Are we all frustrated with the world around us and hoping to make a difference on some small scale? Or do we just like to hear our own voices and thoughts... just through a different medium instead of verbal communication.

My answer? Perhaps I'll just suggest a forth choice: all of thee above (in some form or fashion).

I have a plan for this blog and who I want it to develop and grow. In time, there will be a rhythm that regular readers will recognize. Some of you may return regularly; some will possibly wander back once in a while; some of you may stumble upon me while perusing various blogs. Either way, all are welcome.

As a new player in the PR world, I am familiar with social media and the unique dialogue that occurs between the various populations online. Perhaps we'll explore some of these qualities through discussion here.

I'll post more information later. I plan to explain the meaning behind the blog's name, provide my personal disclosure and post some person requests I have for readers. But for now, I'll let you roam free. Please play nice.

"Some go to where the buildings reach to meet the clouds"

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